Friday, 4 October 2013

You know it's gonna be a bad day when...

Left late for work this morning.

Stepped out the door and it started to rain (thankfully had my umbrella).

Grabbed the wrong bus (but it still got me to where I needed to go).

Stood there on the train platform staring at an ex that got off the train that I was getting on. Bastard didn't say a word or even deign to look right at me. Heart is hurting...

Had to stand on the second train (really hating that stretch between Eglinton station and Davisville station - makes you lose your balance far too often). Tote bags and large knapsacks need to be banned!

Got to work late.

Lots of overnight stuff backed up, and got the morning packages for my boss in the wrong order, as well as missing printouts. However, I was only trained on the basics, so not my fault. Still felt foolish.

Literally whacked myself in the eye, dead centre, with my mascara wand.

Sitting here wearing lipstick that should be a kind of teracotta red - is currently bright fuschia pink.

I had better post some pics on this blog before I try and do some real harm to myself this weekend, right? *lmao* Wow, I'm really hoping I used up all my bad karma points this morning, I'd like to finish the day on a good note if that's possible.

May you all have a terrific weekend! *big smile, waving frantically*


Karma ain't through with me yet. Just "overwhelmed" my maxipad...and at the front, too. Thank god I had made a purchase and requested a bag so I could carry it in front of me to hide the blood stain on the front of my jeans!! Shit y'all, I'm now tempted to just go home, have a wee drink, pull the covers over my head and tell the world to go fuck itself. What say you? *lmao*


  1. GO. HOME. you deserve an early start to the weekend!!!!!

    1. Wish I could have...but it wouldn't have done any good, my dear... *lol* Thanks tho!