Monday, 7 October 2013

Karma's still hanging tough...

Add to Friday:

- Broke an already short nail off to the point it bled (just a tiny bit).
- Sprained my elbow and ankle getting off of the commuter train going home.

Is it any wonder I had a couple of drinks Friday night? Vodka and Ribena mix nicely - too nicely, actually *lol*

Oh well. Today should have been better, but:

- Would have been at work on time but for the slowly creeping public transit this morning. It was so crowded that we were packed in like sardines...bad traffic plus rainy weather meant that everybody and their brother took TTC in to downtown this morning. Sheesh.

- Someone cleaned off their desk before going on vacation. Cleaned it off late Friday. Which meant there was a lot for me to deal with this Monday morning. Thank you very much.

- Somone else is cleaning off their desk as well to try and keep organised. Why couldn't this come to me bit by bit, instead of a deluge?

Thank goodness I'm still in a good mood. Hell, if I didn't keep laughing about all this sillyness, I'd cry - or get really grumpy. This guy usually makes me laugh out loud (and yep, I have all of the original books, but I'm hoping to own all of the "new" ones, too...someday...)

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Oh, greeeeaaat, I can't post a picture in my blog while here at work, meanwhile others can spend most of their day on facebook...where is the justice in that? *lol* I too should be able to fritter my day away on the internet... *lmao*

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  1. Oh no, you poor thing, I'm so sorry to hear about your recent injuries, I hope that they're not super serious sprains. Having both broken and sprained a few things over the years, I can attest to the fact that sprains can hurt, at least initially, almost as much as a break.

    I love your outlook on these kinds of pesky (painful!) curveballs. I try to be the same way as much as possible, too - smiling and laughing, even when the going gets really tough. I truly believe it make a big difference in one's quality of life.

    Sending tons of feel better wishes & hugs your way,
    ♥ Jessica