Friday, 25 October 2013

Creativ Fest this weekend!!

Rather looking forward to this, as I've never been to their "Fest" before. Here's a link. I'm thinking of trying to go tonight, as their "Starlight" passes sell for only $5 this Friday night - sounds like a fantastic price to me! :) Perhaps it'll be enough to give me that toe to the booty to get me going on my black pants that I need to sew up - seriously, I've been without black slacks for about a month now, I really miss having a pair of black slacks for work that'll match with almost everything... Shame on old procrastinating me! *lol*

Hoping to see if the Toronto sewing blogges are gonna be there - I admit I've been bad about keeping in touch - Kay, if you're out there do you think you could help me?

May you all have a splendiferous weekend, and enjoy those gin and Ribenas!


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