Thursday, 3 July 2014

Enough about me...

I'm a fairly boring subject, as you've started figuring out by now *lol*

Papa Mugsy is doing better, according to his RA specialist (that's Rheumatoid Arthritis, BTW). His inflammitory numbers are down by almost half (47 down to 26), and in general things are improving. He's still in a fair amount of pain, complete with "reminder jabs" in one hand, but we've been noticing in the past three weeks that we can see knuckles again, so no more "sausage fingers" (for the most part). The Doc decided to increase the dose of the meds he's on (Methotrexate and Hydroxychloroquine - can't remember the dosage, sorry - and Folic Acid for funzies as the Methotrexate can really suck the folic acid out of you), I'm guessing to aggressively kick this things ass. This time. The Doc did agree to put Dad back on steroids for a bit to get him over the hump, as they really seemed to help last time he was on them - it was almost a 180, he was so much better even in attitude. Can't be on them for very long due to the long-term effects, unfortunately. However, it should be long enough to allow the meds to really kick in and do their work - he's only been on them (not the steroids, the other two mentioned previously) for about 5 weeks, and they can take 6 - 8 weeks to really take effect. There are many websites you can Googe to learn more about R.A., but not very many sites for men - this is a disease that affects more women than men, and it seems that women get it worse than men as well (generally speaking). One website / blog that is good is Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy as well as another website / blog called Living With RA for a male persprective of this disease. As far as technical information, I'd suggest a site like WebMD or perhaps the Arthritis Foundation in your area.

As you've noticed, my focus has changed a little. I still plan on posting sewing stuff (vintage and modern, but more of a focus on vintage), a little nail art (there's so much out there already by some very talented people), as well as my life in general. But I'm adding updates on Papa Mugsy as well, as there seems to be very little information on how R.A. from a male perspective. Once I can talk with Papa Mugsy about my idea, perhaps I can convince him to add the occasional update of his own, or at least allow me to give more information about him as related to his R.A. (no guarantees, though - as you can tell, I'm shy so I must have gotten it from somewhere *lol*)

Anywho, that's all for today. have a good one!


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