Friday, 25 July 2014


C'mon, everyone likes Fridays, right? Unless you have to work on the weekends, then I guess Fridays can be a bit of a bummer. I feel for you, I've done my time in retail hell and can appreciate the drudgeries. Actually there's a comic strip that does rather well in retail hell's depiction, at almost all levels:


Hilarious, but it also brings back far too many memories *lol*

Ok, down to the good stuff (but I'm not ego-centric, really *lol*):

Dad's doing better now that he's back on steriods (the oral version of Prednisone, in case you were wondering. The inhaler version is commonly used in Asthma patients). Actually, he's reached his 2-week mark already and has started cutting back on the steriods. The trick is to wean yourself off of them so you don't go into withdrawl-like symptoms. Doing good so far. Doc decided to increase the Methotrexate as Dad's doing so well, but it really knocks the stuffin's out of you (the drug, I mean...well, so does the R.A., but that's a different story - or a different part of the same story...ugh! Whatever! I'm rambling now).

Things are busy on the work-front. Didn't get the job I applied for, but now there's 2 more I'm considering. Someone here at H.Q. was also nice enough to supply me with a contact in a different area than where I am now, so good things will possibly come of that too - as in a possible future chance for a position in said different department. In other words, things are actually looking up for a change - the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train heading right for me! *lol*

This really nice and very talented lady will soon be hosting a "mini sew-along" (her term). Knowing my love of vintage fashion, I'll be seriously considering joining in on this one (FINALLY, says Oona, some actual SEWING being considered?? *LOL*). If I do, I'll try and remember to take pics (and post them) as I stumble my way along. A Few Threads Loose is just a terrific blog in general, and Anna's etsy shop has far too many goodies to list here.

If you're a book-lover like me, surf on over and check out Jessica's little question and answer "interview" with herself this past Thursday (July, the 24th already?!). We share too much in common... ;)

Well, time to get back to work! And as Rick Mercer likes to do on his program "The Mercer Report" ... "If you happen to be in St. Jacob's this weekend, why not check out the St. Jacob's & Aberfoyle Model Railway? There you'll see such sights as 'Bode's Well', or a perfect replica of 'Sam and Ella's Restaurant', and maybe you'll even spot the friendly lawyers at 'Dewey, Cheatham & Howe Law Offices'. Goodnight, folks!" Really terrific show and a very terrific Canadian, is Rick Mercer. And I'm not kidding about the model railroad, my friend here at the office saw it and it's amazing! Oh, and the sights I mentioned in the model railway setup? They're real, I've seen the pics my friend took - what an incredible sense of humour the builder had, am I right??


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  1. You're so sweet, thank you for the splendidly nice shout-out, my bellow bookworm.

    You know, and call me nuts if you'd like, I worked retail eons ago and by and large, really enjoyed it. The worst part wasn't the customers by any means, but often some, how shall we say, less than professional coworkers, including one manager at a home goods store I was the assistant manager to that came in for maybe a few minutes some days most of the time yet got paid like she was putting in the 40 hours she was supposed to. I've always adored the act of selling (yard sales, working retail, online, you name it), which some might think odd given how shy I am, but there's just something about the process that fills my heart with scads of excitement and happiness alike.

    Thanks again & have a stellar last weekend of July!
    ♥ Jessica