Friday, 4 July 2014

Need I say more?

All hail the great and mighty Oonaballoona!

Aaaarrrgh! Stupid firewall at work!! Can't post the picture of the sewing challenge button!

Perhaps you can see it here if not on her blog...with my apologies for being so rude as to directly link to an image hosted on Flickr (bad Mugsy, bad, bad!!)

Anywho, check out her blog, she's a really great gal with mad fashion sense & sewing skills - hence, "Oonapallooza!" *lol* Check out the button on the left hand side of her blog, and get crackin' on those amazing sewing projects of many gorgeous colours! :)


P.S. Many hugs to my first "official" follower, Diamondback! Yay!



  1. you have a couple acolytes on bloglovin too:)

    does this mean PICTURES?! PICTURES OF SEWING?!!!

  2. Just maybe... *LOL*

    And MANY apologies for forgetting my acolytes on Bloglovin' - I'm So ashamed...*hangs head in shame, truely...*