Thursday, 18 September 2014

Anemia and Celiac - or, welcome to the irony that is my life :)

Well, as my last blood test came back with iron levels too low to register (and red cell count drastically lowered as well), my Doc and I decided to try Euro-fer (300 MG) again. Good thing to do, yes?

For the past week or so, I've been feeling crummy by the afternoon - stomach upset, gassy, low grade headache, even irritable. Sounds a little like PMS, and tat's what I thought it was, as a "visitor" came this past Saturday *wink, wink* However this past week it has been getting worse and worse, to the point that the day before I was having stomach cramps, and yesterday it was a battle of will to keep my lunch down. I ended up leaving work early. But before I made the decision to ask if I could leave early I did a little internet research. Turns out that no-one appears to be sure if Euro-fer is Gluten-free. At the least, it is listed as an oral iron suppliment / medication that can be known to irritate any existing inflammitory intestinal problems, of which Celiac is grouped into. This means that my cure is "killing" me! *LOL* Trust me, I have to laugh or I'll go crazy...

Not only do I feel miserable (but as I've stopped taking the iron I know I'll feel much better soon), but I also feel a bit like an idiot for not looking this medication up before asking for it. But not feeling that stupid - after all, when I needed it a few years ago it was shortly after I was diagnosed, and I was still used to all of the symptoms of Celiac so I didn't appear to notice any reaction to the iron at that time. Now that my Celiac is being managed, I noticed the symptoms very much.

I guess I'm posting this to let other Celiacs know that they should be cautious when taking this particular suppliment / medicaton. You may or may not react to it, I just got lucky in that particular lottery and reacted. there are other iron suppliments / medications out there, so it's not like all hope is lost. Just be sure to do some research before you make a choice as to what you figure will work for you, that's all. Once this "gunk" works out of my system I should be feeing better. In my particular case, I think I'll opt for iron infusions this time and go from there. What can I say, in my personal case "Once bitten, twice shy", but that's just me.

Take care, all, and have some fun for once - been boring here lately so stir some stuff up! :)


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