Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hi there, remember me?

Oddly enough, I shall be more or less offline for the next couple of weeks - nothing bad, I assure you. :)

Dad's been doing really well lately, been off of the steroids for about a month now. Still has a bad day or two after his Methotrexate (sorry my spelling sucks), but in general he's been doing well. Still stiffens up a bit when he doesn't move around enough, but good otherwise. He's currently out West, so I like to think that it's both the drier air and the different span above sea level that's helping. A wonky theory, but I like it for now.

Been looking at Halloween stuff - a bit early, but for some reason it's really capturing my imagination this year. One costume idea I've seen is that of a Silent Movie star, and considering my love of old movies its right up my alley. As I have more era-appropriate brown clothing than black and white, I may go as a sepia-toned star rather than black white and grey. Meh, just thinking out loud...

Apparently some relatives of mine have entered me in a "Shopping Buggy / Lawn Mower Race" this coming weekend. Someone here at the office told me what a shopping buggy race was...which reminded me I really have to update my Will... If I manage to get any non-wounded or non-bloody massacre-like pics of this, I shall share (yeah, yeah, heard that one before).

Anywho, may you all have a fantastic couple of weeks, and I'll be back online for sure as soon as I can... :)


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