Monday, 8 September 2014

Yep, still here...

What do you mean it's been a month?? Holy schmoley!

I guess an update is in order...

Dad's still doing good on his meds, especially now that he's off of the steroids. It'll be nice to see him get rid of that puffiness around the face that he developed (just the cheek area, but a normal reaction so no worries there).

Mum's good, the lucky one that's healthy *lol*

I'm back on my iron meds as my blood test came back with it too low to register - my red count is way down too because of that. Severe Anemia is common for me, and I've been through this before so I know what to do/expect about it. No, food does not help in my case. Regular suppliments that one can get over the counter do not help, either (10 - 11 mg at a dose - really, you're kidding me, right?) For my particular case, Euro-fer (perscription, not available as OTC) works the best, but getting the timing right for me can be a bit of a Bitch-kitty. One hour before meals, or two to three hours after meals. Sounds simple, right? I don't eat three squares a day, I'm one of those multi but small meals people. It works best for my Celiac and blood sugar, what can I say? Anywho, I'm only taking one a day right now, will work up to two a day. Did I mention that these puppies are 300 mg? Yep, really high dose, so lots of fiber, gang! *lol*

It's only been about a week and a half, so no major difference right now. Will wait about another week or so to get my follow-up blood test done to see if anything's improved. If not, back to iron infusions. That's a process where I get hooked up to an IV for about a couple of hours as an outpatient treatment at my local hospital. Time-consuming, boring, and a little painful as they put the IV in the back of my hand - which makes it hard to read a book as I can't really use my hand due to the IV needle in there. The plus side? Not only does it really work, I get to joke around with a terrific gang of nurses about me being there for Happy Hour - the "stuff" used smells like a strong rum and coke, I kid you not! *LOL*

All of this because I went to see my doctor regarding my migraine headaches. I get one a month (yep, at that time), sometimes 2 (during ovulation), and when the weather acts up. I also get stress/tension headaches, cluster headaches (my term for them, "cluster-fucks"), sinus's just the migraines that are a real problem as I end up calling in sick to work. Therefore I use up my sick days well before the end of the year and wind up losing pay every day I'm off. Right now I'm using either Advil or NSAIDS (if it's a bad one) and coffee (if my stomach can handle it) and sleep to "cure" one, but I'm hoping that my Doctor can suggest something that'll knock it back a notch or two and leave me still capable of doing my job. I don't care if it gets rid of the migraine completely, I just want to be able to go to work and function without too much brain fog.

Well then, I guess that covers it. Say, if any of you are jonesing for a glamour fix for the day, check out this blog called "It's the Pictures That Got Small" (bonus points if you know where the name came from). There's lotsof amazing photography of major stars from the 1920's up to the 1960's and even 1970's. And he's just recently started posting men's pics on rare occasion - who says men can't be glamorous?? Anywho, enjoy the site and the incredible pics! :)



  1. Thank you for updating us on what has been transpiring in your life lately. I'm really happy to hear that your father is doing positively, sweet dear. That's stellar news!!! I know the "moon face" (as it's sometimes called) of steroid meds well and despise that there's just about nothing you can do to temper it while on those necessary drugs.

    I'm deeply sorry to hear about your headaches/migraines, they've plagued me at a chronic level for many, many years, too. I find that following a diet low in proceeded foods, histamine, tyramine, and completely free of MSG can help to a degree, but of course it's not a "cure" for myself or most who suffer from chronic headaches and/or migraines - still, any little bit of help is well worth it!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Norma Desmond, Sunset Boulevard. yes, I'm reading some of your archives.