Monday, 3 March 2014

What does Mugsy watch on the tele?

Like anyone really cares... *lol* But I do, so I'm telling the world - and now it's out there hanging in space...forever! Mwa ha ha ha!!


besides the obvious pastime of occasionally catching the news, and this news, too, there are a few programs I like to try and keep up with:

"* Farm" (and for once, the little star does NOT stand for bad language). A terrific little BBC series (that I watch on TVO) that covers different time-periods in agriculture. One was named ""Wartime Farm"", another was ""Edwardian Farm"", and so on. Currently showing is a new-to-Canada series called ""Tudor Monastery Farm"" which I plan upon not missing a single episode of. And yes, I probably should have used "Wikipedia" links all along, but I'm trying to show off our terrific Ontario-based broadcast channel - so sue me. *LOL*

Oops, off topic there a little... In any case, these shows have been fascinating to watch and learn from - I learned how to make cottage cheese in one episode of "Wartime Farm". The presenters are extremely knowledgable (2 archeologists and a historian, so I should think they'd be quite knowledgable), and are also quite enthusiastic as well. That enthusiasm is rather catchy and keeps me hooked on the series - and I must admit, Ruth (the historian) is not only obviously VERY into re-enacting, she has the best laugh ever! :) As well, you might want to look up Peter - it appears he has quite the fan following amongst the ladies! Alex is just a total charmer. 'nuff said. ;)

I am quite the fan of "N.C.I.S." (but sorry, not the L.A. spin-off. I've tried, but it just misses the mark for me, and too bad - I'm a big fan of Linda Hunt) A fun program to watch and be envious of Abbey's style. ;)

"Bones" is a lot of fun, too (provided you can get past the usually gruesome openers for each episode). It's been interesting watching Bones' character develop over time from a total "brainer" with almost no social skills to being married with a daughter. She makes no apologies for being briliiant - something us women need to remember more often.

There are other programs I watch sporadically - including the somewhat guilty pleasure of watching "Duck Dynasty" (which is totally real, right?? No scripting there, no way... *LOL*) Seen many documentaries on the above mentioned TVO, really rather intersting stuff (to me, anyway). Some past faves were "Millennium" and "Brimstone". Even further back in time... "Magnum P.I.", "The A-Team" (hey, I always thought Murdock was a total babe! *lol*), and "St. Elsewhere".

Well, thanks for joining me on this totally selfish memory lane trip. Actually, it would be nice to hear about programs that you enjoy or grew up with that you just can NOT get out of your brain (hello, "Solid Gold" anyone?).

TTFN, and have a super-splendiferous day!


  1. I may be dating myself but Gilligans Island, I dream of Genie, and of course Bewitched..along with things like The Waltons and Little House on the Prarie. Now we watch junking shows like American and Canadian Pickers along with Pawn Stars and Storage wars. Oh and of course Duck Dynasty. Mostly catch things on the weekend since our weeks are so full. The TV seldom gets turned on until late at night. News we get mostly online. Ohhh and hello from a fellow Canadian Blogger :)

  2. Wow, great to hear from you! :) I watched the same ones too. Canadian Pickers is fun (and educational), and Pawn Stars is hilarious to me - love Dad, the old grump!

    Anyone else reading this, you simply MUST check out CraftyCandian's blog - a very talented lady who does some terrific work with old and neglected furniture and such!

  3. Wonderfully fun post!!! We ditched our cable service last December because we felt like we didn't watch near enough TV anymore to justify the $70 a month bill it was costing us. I haven't missed it once since, but that's of course in large part because of and the fact that so many shows can be watched for free on the websites of various networks these days. I might not have been watching tons of telly, but that doesn't mean I'm keen to give up some form of it entirely! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Where to start? With Criminal Minds jumping the shark, I've moved on to Castle--the bantering between Caskett is just so "Awww..."

    Leverage was done in before its time--and while dated, I still occasionally fire up an A-Team or Knight Rider DVD. Wish they'd release more than just the first season of Equalizer...

    BIG Gibbs-slaps to both History Channel AND Food Network for not releasing full season-sets of Mail Call, Lock n Load, Good Eats and Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives--well, really, most shows before they went to schlock "reality" or "how can we make competition kitchen even MORE an overdone cliche?".

    It's getting to the point that if the TV's gotta be on I'm starting to prefer late-night Rifleman reruns... (There are a few networks that specialize in the old black-and-white-era shows, Antenna, MeTV and local station KVOS being just a few.)

    You OK? Been a while since I heard from you...

  5. Brace for a groaner if you have problems with NCIS: LA--they're launching ANOTHER spinoff set in New Orleans with Scott Bakula leading the team...

    With the deterioration of Crminal Minds and the end of Leverage (yeah, yeah, two years ago--still grieving; what can I say, Parker's just so cute in a batcrap-crazy never-know-what-she'll-do-next way) and Burn Notice, I've found myself switching over to Castle.

    Big Gibbs-slaps to Food Network and History Channel for pulling their classics out of the DVD lineups, and never releasing full season sets of Mail Call, and cutting Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives and Good Eats off while barely started.

    At least Mythbusters is still going... of late I've been finding myself drifting more toward the black-and-white reruns, like local station KVOS's late-night reruns of The Rifleman or the 3AM Three Stooges shorts on AMC. (Geez, I really am turning into my grandfather!) Might look into Antenna TV or MeTV, if your cable provider has 'em, for those dusty old favorites from yesteryear also...

    Miss you, BTW!

    1. Heck, I'm lucky enough to hve TCM (Turner Classic Movies) for the classics. :) Oddly enough, my recently retired Uncle in ottawa has developed a liking for TCM as well - who'd hav thunk? *lol* Well, at least it's another way he and I can get along in coversation...
      Just sent you a reply e-mail, Diamondback - sorry for the radio silence lately - been busy with work and various illnesses (colds, flus and such). Part & parcel with Celiac I've heard *grumbles in an annoyed manner*

    2. Gotcha--oh, fun fact on NCIS LA, as a weapons professional: the only one on that show who handles a firearm as one would in reality is Daniela Ruah (Kensi). Everybody else is "Go Back To Basic Firearms Safety And Do It Again"...