Friday, 28 March 2014

Good news / bad news,...sort of...

Bad news first:

I'm not going to be able to make it to the Gadsen's sale this Sunday March 30th. Due to recent back problems, I have been barley putting in a full day at work, and pretty much collapsed - physically and spritually - on the couch at home any time I'm not at work. and I was really looking forward to checking this out - shit! However, there is the next one (either fall or next year), so all is not lost.

The back problems are now being taken care of. I have once again put myself in the hands of a Chiropractor, as these problems crop up every once in a while (but the last time I actually saught out treatment was 10+ years ago, silly me). Yesterday was my first treatment, and I must say I'm impressed with the new Doctor. Well, he's not that new at that location, but he took over from the previous Doctor who retired, so to me he's "new". I went from a shambling wreck of sorts to a person that can now walk fairly normally, and to me that's a big improvement. *lol* Now, this is not the usual or past "crack and crunch" type of Chiro that was so popular many years ago. It would be easier to describe it as being like Accupressure, but not quite. It's mainly gentle stimulation of the nerves to promote self-healing. Here's a link to the clinic I'm going to, the "Network Family Care Center" (fka "My Chiropractor"). You can read up about it all yourself, should you so desire. Short version of the story, I can walk again and the pain is pretty much dulled to background levels, if not actually gone.

Now, I'm not what one could call a tree-hugging, veggie-only eating, spiritual guru type New Age weirdo (but hell, this planet needs all types of people in it to keep things interesting, you know?). This "whole body / mind / spiritual" thing is a little lost on me - and frankly seems rather silly at times. It works for some, though, so who am I to laugh and point, right? One question that was on one of the forms was "Rate from 1 - 10 how much you're willing to do to solve this problem" or something to that effect. I gave my number, but added that it depended on how strange the suggestion was - as in "No leeches, please". Now this did get the intended laugh, but as one of my health issues is Anemia, the last thing I need is leeches sucking what little iron out of my blood that I have. And while I refuse to stand in the middle of the room chanting "ohm" with feathers in my ears and crystals shoved up my ass, I am willing to do a fair amount of the work on my own to heal my body. Which right now involves a lot of reading and learning - or refreshing my memory from the last time I went to a Chiropractor.

Enough of my ramblings.

The good news:

You should really read this post by the lovely and talented Oonaballoona - especially if you have had doubts about yourself in your deepest and most secret heart. Especially if you're any sort of a creative type, a woman, someone who enjoys beauty in all of it's forms, or just plain needs an honest and uplifting message about life. Or just read it because you're a fellow human being on this planet. It left me feeling good... :)


  1. Sweet dear, I'm very sorry to hear about your back issues and hope very much that the chiropractor's treatments will be immensely beneficial for you. My step-dad swears by his and the relief for neck problems he gets from them (and also certain kinds of therapeutic massages).

    Thank you for the lovely post read suggestion. Her blog and style sense are magnificent!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I know, isn't she just a total peach? *lol*

    2. *LOL* I just realised I spelled "barely" wrong! How does one "barley" put in a day of work, anyway?