Tuesday, 21 January 2014

So far, not going so well *lol*

So much for trying to post here weekly! *lol* I've been like the proverbial paper-hanger these past few months (doing the job of two people at work, some family issues, and busy doing a complete cleanout and overhaul of the computer area / studio and my bedroom, etc.) Let's just say that the Value Village I got to has been getting quite a few items donated over the past few monhs - besides the fact taht I do tend to do a little shopping there.

Yes, I occasionally shop at Value Village, and I see nothing wrong with it. If they happen to have something I need (well, or really want ;) ) I'll pick it up. Considering the fact that I'm really trying to save money for my first condo, I'll save money where I can. Not to say that I shop in dollar stores and the like. There's nothing wrong with shopping there, but for me personally I just can't justify the cost. By that I mean that to me, personally, it's false economy to buy "cheap" when I can save my money and purchase quality that will last for a few years. Items like basics (toothpaste, toilet paper, facial tissue) I purchase on sale and in quantity, if it's a brand I like. I even try and buy Canadian wherever possible to try and support my country's economy, as well as trying to shop as ethically as possible.

Circles, circles, running in circles...

Been a frosty time here in Toronto (-19C today, feeling like -27C with the wind chill. Tonight, -22C feeling like -32C). Actually, I think we've been spoiled by all the mild Winters we were having so this is the first "real" Winter in quite a while. We're just not used to it any more. We could learn quite a bit from our neighbours both in the East and the West about how to cope. Frankly speaking I'm taking the philosophy of "Suck it up, Buttercup" and carrying on with life as usual. I'm not really enjoying it, but I'm getting along, thank you. *LOL*

I actually do have some sewing projects lined up...really! ;) One is not vintage, but a vintage style - slacks, from Butterick's "Lifestyle Wardrobe" line (if it even is a line of theirs...?) B5859 in a black material (the content of which I can NOT remember! Drat!!) that should be office appropriate. Loving the blouse with that, too, but not the material they're showing it made up in. I work in a file room of a major corporation (big enough a company to have 4 file rooms in their head office), and something fancy like that just would not stand up to the daily routine. I understand that people should "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have", but I am so not wearing my suits in a file room. I've already ruined one pair of slacks with the catches under the metal desks here...thank goodness for packing tape. Just take a couple of pieces of the tape (enough to cover the catch under the desk) and stick them on. It provides enough of a buffer that you won't destroy your skirts or slacks if you brush up against those darned things again.

See what I mean about running in circles? *lol*

My other sewing projects are from vintage patterns I've purchased over time. Loving the fashions from the 1930's in particular it seems. I'll try and post some pics of them before the end of the week, along with my material choices. Sadly, as I've gained a fair amount of weight recently (about 30 lbs!), I'll probably have to change some plans and make tops instead of dresses for a couple of them. Honestly not sure if I can lose that kind of weight by the time I'll want to wear them - ah, the joys of both long-term stress and Celiac disease

Anywho, must really get back to work...



  1. Good luck with everything and can't wait to see those future projects.

    1. Wow, this is coming from one of my "inspiration" people, too! Yay!!