Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Link to a book review...

Thanks to the lovely and talented Oona Balloona, a review of what looks like a fabulous book (coming out in October, State-side, at least) on draping for sewing. Like I really needed a reason to add more things I want to the ever-growing list! *lol*

As far as books I like regarding sewing:

Collette Sewing Handbook

A great book for beginners or intermediate sewists in my opinion, especially the chapter called "A Thoughtful Plan" - I mean, how many beginners really think out projects to this kind of detail she describes? Certainly not me...

Also, I own a vintage sewing book called "Simplicity Sewing Book"

from 1937. Honestly, I buy far too much from the sellers on Etsy! There's lots of tips, tricks and techniques in many vintage sewing books that are easily put into practice these days. And with my love of vintage fashions...well, that goes without saying.

Have a terrific day, everyone! I'm going to try and post some outfit pics fairly soon - and no, sadly no progress on those two projects I posted earlier. Just far too busy with life lately.


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  1. yes please outfit pics!!!


    i also highly recommend anything claire shaeffer... she's the bomb.