Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Help Colette Patterns win the Martha Stewart American Made contest :)

I am a fan of Colette Patterns, and would like to see these terrific folks win Martha Stewrt's contest. You need to register to vote, and the winners are announced September 24th 2013. For some strange reason, you can vote 6 times a day - so get in there, take a look around at all of the companies that have been nominated and choose who you'd like to vote for (of course my personal preference is Colette *lol*)!

On another note - sorry folks, no pictures yet...but as soon as I can thrash around and find some (a couple of completed projects, plus a couple of projects in the works), I'll be sure to post them A.S.A.P. My blog has gotten rather boring with no pictures posted yet.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. you must have pics!!! but you are never boring, shoe friend of mine.

    i was bummed to not be your first comment, but i AM your first follower on bloglovin!

    1. Woohoo, a "follower"! Thanks Oona, very sweet of you!