Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Quick post with a strange but terrific tip! :)

If you have fiberglass stuck in and on your skin (after "playing" in the attic like Dad and I did this past Thanksgiving weekend), masking tape will help remove it!  Who knew, right?  Just stick it to yoself and rip it off like a waxing strip, and Bob's your Uncle, the fiberglass is gone.  No, a good shower does not completely work, BTW...

Thanks to Google (and "How Stuff Works", I think) for this terrific tip for a good night's sleep after insulating! :)


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  1. Awesome to know! I came in contact with fiberglass a few times as a kid and could have really used this dead simple trick. Thank you for sharing. So handy to know!

    Have a terrific week,
    ♥ Jessica