Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Re-posting an interesting Kickstarter client blog post

Chronically Vintage has made me do it again! *lol* She's posted about a terrific new line of loungewear and lingerie called Maddy James.

Not only odes the loungwear look amazing, it's washable (YAY!!) and totally comfortable to wear (apparently), plus made out of modern materials, which for me personally would make it "safe" for everyday wear.

Read all about it, learn as much as you can, and - if you're so inclined - make a donation to her Kickstarter campaign. Apparently, according to Jessica of Chronically Vintage, if this wonderful line does not make or exceed their goal they get no money at all! Surprising but true. In any case, it's up to you out there - if you wish to donate money to this terrific loungewear line idea, please do! If not, please read about this idea and contact the owner, Gina, to send your spiritual support - while I'm sure the money would be appreciated, I think the encouragement and support would be appreciated, too. :)

Thanks for your time, folks! BTW, a new entry is overdue here, but as I've been sick for a bit it's been slow-going here in blogland for me. things are better, though, so I look forward to catching up on my own posting this Easter Weekend.

Take care of yourselves, and have a great week! :)


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  1. You're awesome, Mugsy, thank you very much for posting about Maddy James and talking about my post, I'm sure that Gina will appreciate it immensely. It's true, and that's part of the reason why the Kickstarter concept works as successfully as it does (for some folks at least). The drive to get pledges in time is a huge motivating factor for the person with the KS campaign and those who want to donate alike.

    Wishing you a relaxing, beautiful Easter!
    ♥ Jessica